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Greg Wong (aka Spartan117GW) joins me for this week’s Monday Q&A show to tackle your questions on:

How to get your airsoft guns through airport security
Upgrading a Krytac?
What is the best airsoft midcap for an M4?

Code Red Headsets Video of the Week – BATTLEFIELD 1944 Band of Brothers TRAILER | SPARTAN117GW

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    G-day Jonathan, hope your well, my question is important to me as I’m wanting to MILSIM in the US but I live in Western Australia, needless to say I’ll be traveling a hell of a long way so I don’t want my ignorance of US laws to stuff me up in any way. So my question is once I arrive in the US can I legally purchase a Airsoft gun to MILSIM, No doubt you are aware that Airsoft is illegal in Australia and I have know idea about US laws concerning internationals purchasing Airsoft guns. If I can’t could you suggest other options.

    Cheers John Zak,

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