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November, 2016

October, 2016

  • 4 October

    Worst Airsoft Pistol? – The KWA MKV | Airsoftology Review

    Some reviews are great, some reviews are OK and some…well… are a total fail.  Any guess where this one falls?  Watch and share your thoughts after the video. Learn more about the KWA MKV here: http://bit.ly/KWA_MKV Subscribe to Airsoftology HERE!

September, 2016

  • 23 September

    Elite Force Beretta 92A1 – Full Auto Pistol Insanity | Airsoftology Review

    Jonathan is taking a look at a CO2 powered Full Auto pistol from the team at Elite Force, and what he learns is definitely eye opening. Subscribe to Airsoftology HERE! Learn more about the Elite Force Beretta 92A1 here: http://bit.ly/EF_Full_Auto_Beretta

  • 14 September

    Classic Army CA870 Shotguns | Airsoftology Review

    A full metal airsoft shotgun that shoots like a sniper rifle?  Yep, Classic Army has delivered the holy grail of scatterguns.. but is there a catch??? Subscribe to Airsoftology HERE! Learn more about the CA870 Shotguns here: http://www.classicarmyusa.com

August, 2016

  • 28 August

    Classic Army M4 RIS Pistol | Airsoftology Review

    Jonathan looks at an interesting offering from Classic Army, their M4 RIS Pistol, to see if this compact CQB sidearm/primary can steal the submachine gun title from the fabled MP5.  Watch and see what he discovers, and then decide for …

  • 21 August

    KWA HK45 Green Gas Pistol by Elite Force & Umarex | Airsoftology Review

    Jonathan reviews the big boy from the H&K family; The HK45 to see if this KWA made powerhouse is worthy of the Umarex licensing…or is it just another average GBB Pistol… watch and see what he discovers, and share your …

July, 2016