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April, 2016

  • 16 April

    AIM Sports 220 Lumen Sub-Compact Pistol Flashlight | Airsoftology Review

    With 4 color options and a very bright 200 Lumen output, the AIM Sports pistol light has the specs, but how well does it hold up for its budget price tag? Link to learn more or to snag one for …

  • 10 April

    Lancer Tactical Muticam Face Mask | Airsoftology Review

    Looking for a mask that’s different from the rest?  This one may be it. Learn more about the Lancer Neoprene Masks here: (disclaimer; Airsoftology is not responsible for the inevitable poorly executed Bane impressions upon purchase) Subscribe …

  • 1 April

    PTS Enhanced Polymer Foregrip | Battery Storage Foregrip | Airsoftology Review

    PTS Syndicate is solving one of the biggest problems with front wired guns… battery storage.  And with the Enhanced Polymer Foregrip, they are doing it with style. Learn more about the PTS EPG Foregrips here: Subscribe to …

March, 2016

  • 30 March

    VISM Green Laser with 4 Color Light | NcStar | Airsoftology Review

    With 4 color tracking lights, a remote pressure pad and an adjustable green laser; the rail mounted VISM laser from NcStar has more than one trick up its sleeve. Interested in getting one of your own?  You can grab one …

  • 25 March

    Valken V-TAC Optics Protector | Scope BB Shield

    Jonathan looks at the affordable V-TAC BB Shield from Valken to see if this small accessory can save your expensive optics from a disaster on the battlefield. Want to get a V-TAC Optics Protector of your own? Check it out …

February, 2016

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