Op: Faded Giant 4 – Part 2 – Bomb Defusal Team | Airsoftology

The Operation Faded Giant 4 gameplay continues with the team moving deeper into the bowels of the nuclear facility; and with the hostages safely extracted, they can turn their attention to the bomb that’s threatening to set off the fuel rods.

Note: This mission takes place in a closed environment, and as such blank fire is used by trained staff only. Lights are used for the sake of training and production. Bottom line: we’re just airsofters having fun playing bbwars so kick back and enjoy the show!

Watch Jonathan’s Faded Giant loadout video HERE

A huge thanks to the following companies for helping make this video possible:

Spartan Imports: http://www.spartanimports.com/
Palco Sports: http://www.palcosports.com/
Code Red Headsets: http://www.coderedheadsets.com
Evike: http://www.evike.com

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