Was NOVRITSCH Banned for Cheating? | Airsoftology Q&A Show

In this show we’re talking about the biggest airsoft news to hit YouTube in the past week; Novritsch being banned from his home field( and the real story behind it)  Plus we cover more of your questions on; Old Smoke Grenades and is the Polar Star Master Race dying off?

Code Red Headsets Video of the Week (Submitted by Jugs McFlugs): Russian army slang by Marty Airsoft

Novritsch’s response video –

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    The field’s not in Novritsch’s home town. The field is in Tyrol, he’s from Vienna.

    The field owners did only post in on Facebook, not Reddit. Another player posted the transaltion of the original Facebook post on Reddit.

    It wasn’t the first time that players at the field complained about Novritsch and the way he plays. The video was just the tip of the ice berg. Players are angry because Novritsch basically makes a fool of all the players in his video and doesn’t care about the community. They accuse him of violating the rules for getting views on Youtube.

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