Should I Paint my Airsoft Gun? | Airsoftology Q&A Show

In this Monday Q&A show Jonathan hits up a mini review on a LiPo battery monitor and then covers your questions in the Palco Mailcall on: Should you paint your airsoft gun, can you run a shorter inner barrel without any issues, what cameras he uses for shooting his videos and more!

LiPo Battery Checker (non-balance version) on Amazon $10 US-  and  LiPo Battery Checker (balance version) on Amazon $19 US-

Code Red Headsets Video of the Week: Bullet 4 My Enemy’s Stairwell Standoff –

A huge thanks goes out to Palco Sports and Code Red Headsets for helping keep Airsoftology Mondays free!

About Jonathan

Jonathan Higgs started Airsoftology in 2008 as a humble podcast. Thankfully people listened (he still has no idea who) and Airsoftology has since grown to become an internationally trusted airsoft resource with over 100,000 YouTube Subscribers across 63 countries (and counting).

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