Elite Force’s Zombie Elimination Crew [Video]

We’re not sure sure we’d want ALL of these guys on our side when the Zombies come.


Call in a band of misfits, add some intentional overacting and hamminess, and sprinkle liberally with tactical cool gear… and you have the latest funny (and awesome) video from Elite Force Studios: The Zombie Elimination Crew.

Tom Harris from Airsoft-Obsessed.com does hs own stunts in this one while Milsim Junkie makes it rain with .28s,  and our very own Jonathan goes a bit overboard reaching for an Oscar nomination with some fake recoil. Thank goodness Jet (aka TheDesertFox) and Bo from American Milsim balance out the video by bringing in the cool factor.   But hey, airsoft’s all about not taking yourself too seriously, right?


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