Convincing Parents To Get You an Airsoft Gun? | Airsoftology Q&A Show

JTAC Milsim Op: Jackal 2 Registration – Click Here

Tippmann Mail Call:
How do I convince my parents to let me get an airsoft gun?
What upgraded mechbox replacement should I buy?
Can I leave my battery in my airsoft gun overnight?

Code Red Headsets Video of the Week – Ultimate Guide To Milsim by RandomTrashy:

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Jonathan Higgs started Airsoftology in 2008 as a humble podcast. Thankfully people listened (he still has no idea who) and Airsoftology has since grown to become an internationally trusted airsoft resource with over 100,000 YouTube Subscribers across 63 countries (and counting).


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    Hey love the videos I watch all the time but I have a question I recently bought and airsoft gun and I am in sure the company that makes it as I would like to see if I got a good deal or not the store I bought it from told me it was a classic army I know the brand but the gun is missing the classic army stamp

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    My mom still will not let me and it’s almost my bday

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    my Bday around the corner but still no

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