Unboxing the $2500 DAS M4A1 airsoft gun! | Airsoftology

When a $2500 new AEG Blowback hybrid airsoft gun crossed our desk from Korea, the GBLS DAS M4A1, we just had to share the unboxing experience with you.  Stay tuned for the full assembly and review!

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About Jonathan

Jonathan Higgs started Airsoftology in 2008 as a humble podcast. Thankfully people listened (he still has no idea who) and Airsoftology has since grown to become an internationally trusted airsoft resource with over 100,000 YouTube Subscribers across 63 countries (and counting).


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    Curious when you might be doing the second half. Been watching this rifle since around February of last year.

    • avatar

      GBLS is making some significant changes to the system based on our testing (mine and other early reviewers) so once it’s retrofitted with the new parts I’ll get the video up for ya! Stay tuned!

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