Operation: Uprising 2 – Insurgent Loadout | Getting Loaded | Airsoftology

Gear List:

Primary Gun: Contractors AK from Palco Sports
Accessories: PTS Syndicate Unity Tactical Accessory mount & Enhanced Polymer Foregrip
Uniform: LBX Assaulter’s Pants in RG, Tan Thawb (Shirt) & Patu (Brown Wool Throw)
Comms: Code Red Signal 21 Speaker Mic
Chest Rig: ChiCom Issued Chest Rig (buy here: http://amzn.to/1QiZaJS)
Bag: Milsim West (MSW) Claymore Bag
Hat: Gray Wool Pakol

A BIG thanks goes out to Palco Sports, PTS Syndicate and Code Red Headsets for helping make this video possible! Be sure to check them out for the items listed above and for all your airsoft needs!

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