Op: Irene 2015 Loadout | Getting Loaded | Airsoftology

Operation Irene brings a fresh new loadout; and this time Jonathan’s fighting for the Somali National Army.

Check out what it takes to fight off both the rebels and the foreign incursion at the same time, in this episode of Getting Loaded!

A BIG thanks goes out to G&G for helping make this video possible!

Gear List:

Primary Gun: G&G Predator Rifle – http://www.guay2.com
Secondary: CZ P-09 Tactical Pistol
Holster: Blade Tech WRS Level II Holster – http://www.blade-tech.com
Uniform: FFI M81 Combat Set
Chest Rig: Mayflower UWIV Chest Rig in Ranger Green
Backpack: Milspec Monkey Adapt Pack
Belt: Ronin Tactics Gunfighter Belt
Helmet: Dragon Red Premium Airframe Replica



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