Grand Theft Auto V – The Epic SoCal Sandbox Shooter Returns

The biggest playground yet!

September 17th is right around the corner, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you (like us) have been saving your pennies for the next installment of the GTA franchise; V ( that’s “Five” for the roman-numerically-challenged).

Rockstar has really stepped it up this pass with the ability to play as 3 very distinct characters in a persistent world… that means that the other 2 will keep doing what they do best even when you are playing as your favorite.  More vehicles, more side missions and an even more MASSIVE world to wreak havoc in means more ways to lose track of the time in the GTA universe.

Just remember to get outside and play some airsoft before winter hits, your mother would be glad to see you off the couch.

$59 All Platforms BUY

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