“99 Problems” Beard Shirt

Jay-Z wouldn’t have all those issues if he’d shave more often.


Our Beard-tastic favorite design house is at it again with their mad moustache creations, and this time it’s a mad duo.

Bringing out both a T-Shirt and limited edition print,  Dan from Dstein Dzigns has topped their previous work combining the 2 things we love; HOVA and Beards.  And you can’t knock a guy that scored Beyonce, that’s some mad beard-game right there.


So, if you or a loved one is of the bearded variety, this is definitely a offering you don’t want to miss out on.  Hit him up at his Spreadshirt ShopFacebook page, or email him with an order to score you a limited edition shirt or print.

$20 shirt / $70 print (email [email protected] to order)

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    This is a great design, he nailed it!

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