The BOA 10-22 Custom: Killing Them With Style

Black Ops Airsoft’s latest custom rifle has deadly good looks and power to match.

The Custom BOA10-22 is truly a work of art. Take one look at the beautiful thumbhole gray wooden stock (designed for a real-steel 10/22) and Gemtech G5 suppressor and you’ll instantly know what makes this rifle stand out from the crowd.

But don’t let it’s artistic styling fool you. It might look like a supermodel on the outside; light and sexy (the stock weighs in at a featherweight 2.2 pounds!) But it packs massive a punch when it’s time to get to business…  On the chrono we were clocking in at over 495fps!

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So if you are a Gas Blowback fan, or just want to keep light and mobile while you snipe; The BOA10-22 is worth a look.

$499 BUY

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    The Airsoft company that did this is no longer in existence.

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