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  1. avatar
    Darrel greenland

    Those patches are soooo epik?

  2. avatar

    Really enjoy the show, keep up your great work. ^_^

  3. avatar

    All I want personally is that SAZ patch, cuz gas masks.

  4. avatar

    Love de shows! Great work.
    Best regards from Sweden

  5. avatar
    Joel Timothy Zhang

    hi Jonathan! keep being awesome! 😀

  6. avatar
    Roberto Barillas

    Pumped for for these patches! Hope I win!

  7. avatar

    Great show really helpful and fun keep up the kool content on your YouTube channel!

  8. avatar

    hi! I am new to this site so I wanted to stop by and say hi

  9. avatar

    Hey Jonathan, love the show, great work! A have been playing airsoft for a while now, and have a gun I want to sell. How do you recommend doing this as I am a teenager. Thanks, keep it up!

  10. avatar

    love you vids Johnathon keep up the great job man

  11. avatar

    Need that 😀 so EPIC HYPE

  12. avatar

    Cant wait for these patches hope i win 🙂
    Keep up the good work ….doing great

  13. avatar

    where do i sign up for the newsletter

  14. avatar

    Greetings from AZ! I would really enjoy seeing those gaming videos anytime soon. As an avid PC builder and 2 year airsofter, I am a baby milsimer. I love watching your videos, and I hope you’re doing well. Best of luck to everybody else, may the odds be ever in your favor!

  15. avatar

    I dont know if i did it right but hopefully i did. It would be cool to get these as my first patches

  16. avatar

    Hey Jonathan just want to say hi as I’m new to the site. Your videos are awesome and really helpful for someone new to the sport.
    Stay awesome from the UK!!!

  17. avatar

    Great vids dude watch the show religiously keep up the great work 🙂

  18. avatar

    Love your show so much cross my fingers that I win

  19. avatar

    Hey Jonathon, love your show, have been watching a while. Also I love those epik panda patches. I’ve recently decided to take on a sniper role and was wondering what to do first; get extra mags or upgrade internals?

  20. avatar

    My callsign is actually patches cause of how many patches I keep on my gear. These will be a great addition. Keep up the great work Jonathan. Thanks for a great community.

  21. avatar

    Hey Jonathan great job you’re awesome at helping the community and helping newbies I basically have 2 months into airsoft and your videos def helped all the way keep the great work up , and the panda patches are awesome , hope I win

  22. avatar

    Awesome patches, can’t wait

  23. avatar

    i would really like thoes patches because im starting a airsoft team and need some thing to symbolize my team

  24. avatar

    Hope I Win Cause I have a airsoft team and need something to symbolize my team

  25. avatar

    Good show keep up the good work. Want those patches!!

  26. avatar

    Need those sweet patches!!! Love the vids Jon 🙂

  27. avatar

    I hope I earn these Epic Panda Patches Because that is my favorite animal, I literally use a custom drawn panda as my youtube profile pic

  28. avatar

    i need these, got NOTHING to do with airsoft apart from about 2500 BBs (from my first game).

  29. avatar

    also, love the show, keep it up

  30. avatar

    When is the next time you are coming down to Florida?

  31. avatar

    Keep up the good work!

  32. avatar

    This channel is the reason I love Mondays

  33. avatar

    Omg 😀 i need one i need one to slay some noobs with 😀 thanks for a chance to win

  34. avatar

    Johnathan u make Mondays better ????

  35. avatar

    If there is not the flag of my country (airsoft is apbsolutely legal here in Greece) in the bottom of Airsoft Mega Store i can not participate on the contest? Please help me 😛 ! Thanks for the good work and the contest keep it up!!!

    • avatar

      Since the product is coming direct from them to the winner, and the flag isn’t there, they unfortunately are not setup to ship into your country yet. So sorry about that! -J

  36. avatar

    Just started playing a couple months ago it would be amazing if I won even though its going to me hard to win but why not give it a shot shit happens

  37. avatar

    I am Pumped for this.

  38. avatar

    How do i enter a contest

  39. avatar

    keep it up

  40. avatar

    Can i still win contest eventhough I live in the uk

  41. avatar

    Is there a contest soon

  42. avatar

    Love the show… !!!! Shout out from Alberta Canada,

  43. avatar

    Hi Jonathan, I am starting an airsoft team and was wondering how to convince mine and my friends parents that it (relatively) safe, how would I go about doing that, thanks from Montreal Quebec Canada, the home of potholes the size of a large house ?

  44. avatar

    Hey Jonathan, just started watching the show, keep up the good work i’m loving it I’ve been binge watching for a hour and a half now.

  45. avatar

    Yo airsoft jonny boi MAKE MORE PATCHES!
    And why not come up north and check out how we canadians airsoft eh?

  46. avatar

    Love the show. I just got a new d boys m16a4 and the mag keeps falling out when I shoot it please help.

  47. avatar

    Hey love the show how often do I have to clean my aeg rifle and mag

  48. avatar

    Hey Guys. This might be a Newby question. I’m interested in a sniper rifle but I’m not fond of bolt action rifles. Does anyone know of any (if they even make them) AEG snipers?

    Thank you,

  49. avatar

    great information! I was looking for something like this, subscribed instantly. I wish there was more game play in norcal.

  50. avatar

    When does the tacticorgi patch come back?? I bought one and my gf loved it and was gonna buy more but they all gone! 🙁

  51. avatar

    I cant tell if i signed up for your email is there a way to tell. Thx

  52. avatar

    Good morning Jonathan,
    I wasn’t sure on how to get a message to you so I’ll try on here.
    My name is Clint Middleton and I am very new to airsoft, I have decided to try it out because I am getting a little older and need a interesting way to get some exercise and meet some new people.i am currently building up my tools needed to play and have been looking for good deals on quality rifles. I see the market is flooded with options and have come to value your reviews and thoughts. I was wanting to see if you have any thing that you think is a quality piece that is not very expensive, upgradeable, AEG. Not trying to be cheap, just have most of my money in a mortgage and bills and what money I can convince my wife to let me play with, is not enough to get what I really would like to get.
    I prefer to have one good piece for the needed occasion, such as
    Sniper rifle
    Assault rifle
    Side arm (pistol)
    And small sub machine gun
    Any advice on brands and models would be greatly appreciated. Love your show and the information I get, keep up the good work.
    If you have any hardware you are willing to sell (rifles,pistols, accessories and such) I would be very interested in purchasing.
    Thanks and have a blessed day
    -Clint Middleton-

  53. avatar

    Hi love your YouTube channel! My daughter and I love the reviews and your opinion on things! Keep up the great work! Your loyal followers Marty,&Maddie!

  54. avatar

    Hey Jonathan I was wondering about good fields in the greater Nashville area. I have been to cartcon1 and Nashville Airsoft and love both of them, but I am looking for something with more wood. And I have heard that bad karma is not doing a lot of games anymore. Thanks for the help

  55. avatar

    i am wondering if ithe split gearbox for the m4 is stronger then a normal 2 gearbox and for how much if it is.

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