Our First Guns & the Best Airsoft Grenade with Jet DesertFox & Unicorn Leah | Airsoftology Mondays

In this special edition of Airsoft Mondays, The ‘first couple’ of airsoft (Desert Fox and the Airsoft Unicorn) join Jonathan in on the couch their tactical bunker for some solid Q&A and some wild stories.  Watch and see what happens when Mondays gets crazy!

And don’t forget the HUGE Palco Sports’ $1000 Shopping Spree Contest that’s still running & you can enter HERE

Code Red Headsets video of the week: Stab a Desert Fox –

A huge thanks goes out to Palco Sports and Code Red Headsets for helping keep Airsoftology Mondays free for you guys and gals!  Visit their sites for all of your airsoft needs.



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