MAP Policies Sweep Across the Airsoft Industry

All online pricing is not created equal, or is it?

Not all maps tell you where to go, some tell you how low you can go…on pricing that is.  While MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) isn’t a new concept, it is new in 2013 to the airsoft world, and just about every major manufacturer is jumping in the game these days.

MAP is basically a policy set by a manufacturer that says a retailer can’t advertise a product below a certain set price, or face penalties…which could include losing the ability to sell any product from that company.

While on the surface it may look like a way to “stick it” to the consumer by jacking up prices, it’s actually not a bad thing when you look at the state of the airsoft industry as a whole. MAP policies let the little shops compete with the big multi-million-dollar retailers.


And you’d think that the big guys would be upset, but not so.  Even the big-dog-retailer Airsoft GI is acknowledging that MAPs are a good thing, and have taken time to explain why over at their blog.  So, if you’re up for a crash course in web-o-nomics 101, head over and check it out!

$999.99 (Strict MAP policy applies!) BUY

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