Airsoftology Mondays

January, 2016

  • 4 January

    Why are Airsoft YouTubers Quitting? | Airsoftology Mondays

    A New Year means a new look to Airsoftology Mondays!  This show Jonathan tackles the issue of why airsoft YouTubers are quitting, plus custom name patches and R-Hop or not??? Fox Airsoft’s Elite Force G28 Giveaway contest link: Code …

December, 2015

  • 28 December

    How to Use your Gas Gun in the Cold | Airsoftology Mondays

    In this year-ending episode of Mondays, Jonathan goes back through the catalog to answer some lost questions on MP5s and cold weather gas blowback tips. Code Red Headsets video of the week: Airsoft Sniper Scope Cam – Cheater caught on …

  • 21 December

    Are “Celebrities” Bad for Airsoft? | Airsoftology Mondays

    With the rise of airsoft celebrities, we dive in head first and see if they are good for the hobby… or are they a sign of the end times. Code Red Headsets video of the week: Operation Irene 13 Sniper …

  • 14 December

    Can Cold Weather Break Your HopUp? | Airsoftology Mondays

    Airsoftology Mondays returns with a fresh batch of your questions starting with; cold weather effects on HopUp, airsoft miniguns and MP5 alternatives. We’re wrapping up our Fox Airsoft TransforM4 contest, and links are right HERE if you haven’t entered yet. …

  • 7 December

    Do All Airsoft BBs Come From the Same Factory?| Airsoftology Mondays

    Mondays’s is back in comfortable surroundings, and Jonathan’s knocking down a pile of your questions… This week we tackle BB protective clothing for new players, callsign patches and the secret behind picking a good BB (hint: it’s easier than you …

November, 2015