Getting Burned Out on Airsoft?!?! | Airsoftology Q&A Show

In this Monday Q&A show, we’re solving problems on how to get over the airsoft blues and more.

Tippmann Mail Call questions:
Help, I’m burned out on airsoft…any tips?
What’s the best starter MilSim event?
How many times a year do you play airsoft?
What are your thoughts on Helicopters in airsoft?

Code Red Headsets Video of the Week: Gun Gamers – SpeedSim: Why Isn’t There More Competitive Airsoft?

Thanks to Airsoft GI for powering the Q&A show! Visit them at for your airsoft needs.

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    Hello love the show my question is how often do you see use of thermal optics in airsoft and have you ever used or came up against thermals?

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    My son and I removed the orange tip from his DMR in Hope’s of mounting a suppressor. Bought the suppressor started the removal process only to find the barrel wasn’t threaded. Now what? Is there something I can buy to thread his suppressor having a hard time looking for thread adapters don’t have a clue what I’m looking at please help

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