Viva la Revolución with the King Arms Mosin Nagant

120+ years and still going strong.

Some rifles scream a certain time period, and for those of you who are into Impressions (I/G guys, I know you’re out there) know that every detail matters when nailing a loadout.

That problem is solved now, when it comes to the true catch-all rifle you can look no further than the ubiquitous Mosin Nagant to cover your loadout.  It’ll fit in just about any time period from the Spanish-American War to modern day Middle East settings.

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King Arms has stepped up and delivered a stunning replica of the timeless rifle; down to the metal bolt, brass fittings and beautiful wood stock.  And it’s ready to go with a Gas Bolt system…so brace yourself for some serious warm weather power.

For those of you looking for a spring option, I’m sure it’ll be along shortly… lets just hope it doesn’t take another 120 years to make that happen.



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